By Hallett Family Wines

Three Elms is an acronym for Emily, Laura and Molly - Three sisters who have curated a wine that tells a story about their unity as a family and their upmost gratitude for the generations before them that showed them the way.

Love for their home

Passion for their wine

Respect for those that helped them get there


The wine industry is what we all know. We grew up “sneakily” stealing grapes from the wines. Riding along in the tractor with our Uncle. Sitting in cardboard boxes in the winery drawing pictures or sitting on our Pops lap in the offices where he drew pictures on our faces! We helped our Dad bottling by putting neck tags on bottles. We cracked eggs with the winemaker and smelt the wine to learn. We spent numerous school holidays working outside with young and old vines to earn some money.

Wine is our lives and while only one of us studied and works in the industry, we are all involved in what happens at home and are always there to help!

Mostly though, we all love to drink wine together!